Spring collection

Ellis pink, red and lila short dress Met korting €33,30 €37
Camille blue leaves printed shirt dress Normale prijs €37
Maëlle maxi skirt purple flowers Met korting €29,70 €33
Lena fuchsia dress Met korting €33,60 €42
Lili fuchsia flower printed blouse Normale prijs €33
Michelle electric blue pantalon Met korting €37,80 €42
Feline flowy pants with flower print Normale prijs €39
Stien green top Normale prijs €25
Candice green maxi dress Normale prijs €39
Noor tetra one shoulder dress - soft pink Met korting €35,10 €39
Noor tetra one shoulder dress - light green Met korting €35,10 €39
Lisse tetra one shoulder top - soft pink Normale prijs €29